All Your Healthcare

Project Overview

All Your Healthcare was meant to facilitate patients and their family and friends to accumulate information from a comprehensive list comprising of different hospitals and practitioners available in the UK.


A web application was developed for All Your Healthcare, making use of ASP .Net Orchard Content Management System, ASP .Net MVC 3.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

Front End

The purpose of the web application was to assist users in the best possible manner by providing ratings and feedback from individuals who have undergone positive or negative experiences. The end user was able to search the database for hospitals and consultants at particular locations. Polling, voting, surveys, forum and discussions allowed interactivity amongst patients and consultants.

Back End

At the backend, management of all the facilities provided to the user would be done by the administrating team, ranging from entry of data, verification, approval of users, creation and activity in forums and sub-forums, moderation of comments and messages to the viewing and analyzing of reports.